Saturday, August 30, 2008

When the overdrive becomes an OVERKILL!!

This one is for those who crib a lot and do nothing about it.
Why do languid people constantly complain? Sheer laziness….
Cribbing everytime…Complaining….. about shit that doesn’t matter, probably because they have nothing to do. Ooooooo that color sucks on him…I don’t like it….I feel low today…so Dam everybody…blah blah blah…. Even if they have had at least a comfortable life all the way through, they just can’t understand…

There are people who want to "do this" and "do that", have schedules & plans, all charged up, but at the end of the day, NOTHING productive is accomplished

Just because somebody complains a lot, does not necessarily mean he/she is unhappy. Sometimes there are events related to one’s life and the things that they might complain about. When a lot of such things happen, one is likely to whine more often when everything is all right. They need to criticize, because it is a way of coping with their unhappiness that seems effective. But such people sometimes load other people with all their annoyed, pissed, weepy grumbles and tantrums, making others feel terrible.

Your mind controls your body. Make yourself accountable for things that happen. It’s the "I can do anything" attitude that gets your skates on. Someone said…..”Complaining is easy... change is work”

To bandhuon zoo zoo logone ko yeh bimari hai......wo to pelle haath upar karke khade ho zao! bhai very good very good.